quick update

still playing PlanetSide 2, FPS bug has been fixed and the empire specific launcher are in but with the way the NC Phoenix works with lag makes it useless for me, why did i make my NC player on a US server lol.  I suggest trying the new launchers out in the NEW VR room.

First F1 race was won by Kimi raikkonen for Lotus and the second race held in Malaysia was won by Vettle after breaking team orders and passing Mark webber, If you want to know more there are plenty of good F1 news sites out there.

First F1 race of the year

Redbull qualified 1-2 zzzzzz Lewis Hamilton 3rd and that is not bad for Mercedes.
Daniel Ricciardo down in 14th I think and now its time to fire up the tv

planetside 2 double xp weekend and new hotfix

Well looks like I will be playing more planetside 2, don’t know if this new hotfix fixes FPS but some very odd model animation bugs. I wounder if the Dev’s at PS2 hate patch time.

quick nasty video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9oHpm9EaiY made at 3:30am
sleep time now

Had BBQ now back to PS2

So I had a yum BBQ then played a bit with the video settings, I think its a bit better but then there was not many good battles going on. I have noticed on Connery that the VS and TR must of signed a peace treaty with each other and only break it after they near gate NC.

I should go read the patch notes to see what new things there are and what has been fixed or modified .

latest Plantside 2 patch causing bad FPS

Just jumped in PS2 to see new stuff in the latest patch and it was running at 29-55 when i normally get round 60-90 FPS and it only ever drops to 30 when i use Fraps as i have it locked at 30.
Some very unlucky people are reporting a much bigger FPS hit and how and why they are still trying to play at round 10 fps I don’t know.
I think instead of gaming i might drag the BBQ out and hope the people at SOE / planetside 2 put a hot patch out

ARMA 3 Alpha is out OMG…

Well it may be out but due to demand Bohemia Interactive’s store is down so I must wait.

slow weekend

I did not get upto much just played some PlanetSide 2 on my NC connery player, I find my cert gain is much faster as TR and even VS 🙁

It is now monday so I guess I should see if there is any new jobs advertised, I am not holding my breath as the job market in Tasmania is well crap.

Went for a fish

I got up at 5am to go for a fish with a mate. we were on the water by 6am and other than a few hits not much going by 8am the wind had picked up a bit and by 8:30 the poor minn koda was having a hard time with the wind so we headed for the boat ramp.

I ended up getting a nice fat 40cm rainbow trout on the way back to the boat ramp and released it, retreaved the boat and back in town by 9 for a coffee.