New fishing season

With the new fishing season only 19 days away I have plenty to do before I am ready, I have to do some work on the boat trailer and look at the outboard as its not pumping water out the tell tale like it should.

Boat trailer need a new winch putting on as the wire rope has some broken strands and is half a meter short, I need to weld some new roller supports on and then add the rollers to make launching and retrieving better from bush ramps. I also need to put new safety chains on.

The out board is a old mercury 20hp that runs very well but stopped pumping water so I changed the impeller that was old and brittle and also replaced the impeller housing as it was stuffed. I put it all back together only for a very small amount of water coming out the tell tale, my dad who was there when I put it back together thinks the pipe going into the impeller housing in not hitting the rubber stopper to seal it and that its just squirting most of the water up the inside of the leg and as the fishing season was closed and I had other things to do that day I left it so now I have to fix it lol.

I also need to go shopping for more fishing gear 🙂

teamspeak server back up

Teamspeak server is up and running, not that I have changed much the server address is

Kerbal Space Program IS a must play game that is  also on Steam so if you have not tried it out Please do, not every thing you make has to do with space like here is a Ferris wheel I made 🙂 Click on the link to fund out more about Kerbal Space Program

Site is back but lost some stuff

Well I got the site back up and running after the SolusVM exploits that affected my VPS provider (and many other providers) messed up my stuff.

ChicagoVPS has been outstanding in there communication though out the downtime and had things up and running quick and have taken steps to nail things down to stop it happening again. They just added the ability to reset up your container again(server) and have even added more OS to pick from but they are namely just new versions of each OS so saves you time not having to manually upgrading them.

I used wordpress Duplicator to back up the site but was lazy and had no newer backups,
oh well lol, I guess I could retype out some of the stuff maybe. I will now make more backups not that I use this site much.

Things to do are reinstall Team speak 3 server, not that it gets used much and set-up my emails again as some of them was used on job applications as second email address.