Asus RMA of Graphic card

So I mentioned that my Asus GTX 680 was artifacting and that I had sent it back on the 9/09/2013 I got a reply on the 19th saying it was in fact a defective card and that they would issue store credit from the place it was purchased. The graphic card value has drop by a fair margin since I had purchased it and the store no longer has stock of any GTX 680 and the highest 600 series they stock is a 660 ti which is a huge drop in performance.

So I asked the simple question will I even be able to get a graphic card of equivalent performance, I was not given a definitive answer and after a couple more days I asked for a update on the progress of the RMA to which I was was told it was being processed and to wait for 4 week.

I now get to wait up to four weeks and hope I get a GTX 680, so far the RMA process has gone very good which is a credit to the people at Asus but it is just a pain going from a GTX 680 to a spare ATI 6950 due to the performance disparity, oh well I guess the 6950 is not that bad at lest I can still play games ๐Ÿ™‚

server died AGAIN

So the VPS that host’s this site died again(looking at you ) and I can not find any of the newer backups I made ๐Ÿ™ so this one will have to do, I guess I can give a quick recap of events lol.

I had to send back my Asus graphic card due to it artifacting and so far the RMA process has gone good, I am hoping they contact me some time this week with a update.

I have not done any fresh water fishing the season yet as it has been very wet and cold, I have been a bit lazy much to the dismay of my dad and fishing buddy so I guess I should make some plans soon.

still playing Planetside 2 even if I am starting to tire of the bugs that got added in the latest round of patchโ€™s(most fixed) and its not helping with the server balance in my time zone, also the 4th faction is pushing the balance to silly levels. I think its time to put a time limit of say 15 minutes on faction swapping