Fishing trip washout

So last weeks fishing trip ended with the tinnie(boat) still on the trailer before deciding its before to go home.

I had planed to go fishing on the Saturday as it was ment to be the last chance that my fishing buddy would get to fish as he started a new job, now there was a couple hours window on the Saturday where the wind was not going to be a issue but rain was forecast on off all day, we had planed to fish Curries river reservoir as its near by and most the rivers we fish are to high with all the rain Tasmania has had.

I had the tinnie backed up ready to push off when I got a txt saying it is raining hard in the town we live so I replied its raining out here and stop being a girl lol. I jumped back in the car to get out of a light rain waiting for the txt to say my friend was not coming when the hail and rain hit. I got a new txt just saying thunder and lighting, but I did not need a txt as I could hear the thunder over the radio and see the sky light up and the wind had picked up a lot with very strong wind gusts.

So no fishing that day but I did get round to grabbing GTA5 🙂 and with luck this Sunday should be a good day to fish with my friend who has this weekend off or my dad 🙂 I just hope I get to push the tinnie of the trailer this time.


Graphic card RMA update

So I have been with out my graphic card for near a month and now waiting for the store where it was purchased from to process it, Asus was quick in there part of the RMA but the store who Asus had forwarded all our emails with all the info they needed has only just contacted me asking for all the info again.

I should now say I guess that the store in question does not have a good reputation when it comes to warranty claims and doing google searches just fills me with confidence, Only time will tell if theI’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This ” is correct