Planetside 2 stuff

I reached level 100 as NC and now have moved to onto playing VANU but some times wish i picked TR due to the VS operpop when I play.

This time round I have a bit better idea of WTF I am doing but still play like a retard at the best of time, I have been playing a lot more heavy assault this time but still been playing light assault in Biolabs and engineer when flying.

I have been doing a bit of solo flying in the lib and have improved a lot, I think i only need 350 more kills with the Dalton to get auraxium with it and hoping to get the last kills i need before the lib patch that will drop the splash damage from 1000 to 700.

I am also getting auraxium with the vanu LMG and so far have got it with theOrion VS54 : vanu starter LMG that is very good short to medium range, use it!
Flare VE6   : hard hitting, good accuracy, low rate of fire, good for medium to long range.
SVA-88        : its ok was nerfed some time ago fills same roll as the free Orion
Pulsar LSW: meh just use the orion already and save certs
and working on the VX29 Polaris, think I need like 800 more kills