Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic-Con Trailer

I don’t know, I am not a big fan of VS movies I feel like they they are grasping at straws and for me still to soon from the last batman/superman movies.

In saying that I will still watch it lol

VK4502B + malinovka – arty = easy HT15 for T28 proto

twitch stream highlight, was not a good game just done HT-15 in easy mode lol

So the site was down again…

So this site is hosted on a VPS and the I was getting bad speeds as it turns out my provider said I was abusing the service and killed the VPS with out warning.

I know I was not abusing the service but may not of locked the VPS down as well as I should of so meh, I think it was of they wanted to free up the IP’s that i had as they could get more for them than I was paying for the VPS lol.

So might of also lost the last 3 backups i made also derrrrrr. oh well lol