Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer HYPE!!!!! :)

Can not wait……..

Gearbest good or bad??? part 1

This maybe a bit long winded and full of poor writing 😉

So I needed a new phone and no current phones interest me as I want one with a qwerty keyboard and well that style of phone are not that common or good so I just went with cheap!

When I look at cheap phones I still want it to be good and after a very quick search I decided that the “Lenovo K3 Note k50 – t5 Phablet” was it, quick search on a forums that I frequent reinforced that the Bang for the buck was good but needed to root the phone to get the best from it and I was still happy, most people were getting them from gearbest so like a sheep I followed. Continue reading

M41 Bulldog ACE HC live oaks – LT-15 T28 Concept ????

starting to link to many vids meh, rushed this one as it had been sitting waiting to get edited for some time