Finished Factorio to 0.15 comes out

So It is safe to say I played Factorio a far bit as I have finished all achievements and for a time I still played but stopped playing when info for 0.15 was out due to the changes coming

0.15 was due out this month (late February) but reading the latest  Friday Facts #177 looks like it will slip into march(or later), on one hand I really wanted to play 0.15 but on the other I understand why they will miss there deadline  so will have to go back to waiting knowing the Dev’s are doing a good job.

This is why i am happy to wait, Factorio would have to be one of my best value game for time played vs cost at around .07ยข an hour at games current price but I think it was on sale when I got it and the game is still only a early access game so yeah awesome value and outstanding work from the dev’s.