BATTLETECH Kickstarter

The BATTLETECH Kickstarter has less than 48 hours left, if you are a fan of Battletech I suggest you go have a look, or if you just like big robot fighting each other still go have a look.

The game is being made by Harebrained schemes LLC which made the shadowrun games and this will be there 4th kickstarter project. The project is being led by Jordan Weisman, Mike McCain and Mitch Gitelman, so to say this game is safe hands is a under statement.

The lowest pledge level that receives a copy of the game is only $25 and very reasonable price/rewards there after but I think best value is at the $25 and $50 pledge marks, for $50 you get access to the beta plus other goodies but it is the access to the beta that you will want.

Now that the game has past the stage 3 funded mark the value is very good as the game should have good ability to be replayed with the expanded mercenary campaign

The battletech universe has a rich history to draw from and always had gorgeous art so the story campaign should be good and the game should look good.

Bah I need MORE coffee as I can not doing this kick starter any justice so please GO and have a look at the kickstarter page 🙂