It is that time of year again.. BBQ weather

starting to get some good weather, not to hot or cold so I spent a hour cleaning the BBQ and since it was clean I had to use it. I did do something I do not do often and had a alcoholic beverage(coopers pale ale) during the week but it went down well.

You can see I cooked some onion, beef sausage, and some sizzle steak and some chicken kebabs. I skipped the salad as both supermarkets lacked fresh stuff, I mean they had things to make a salad but yeah no pass.

The down side was I seen and well you can to is just how much I have neglected the yard, it is so untidy so I think need to work on that


summer time = BBQ time

FCM 50t replay + food talk

So I have started to post a bit more here as it does not take that much time 🙂
FOOD, well anyone that has read past blog posts know I am a bit(lot) lazy so when it comes to cooking I like things quick and easy to make but the food still has to be nice.

I made Teriyaki meatballs with rice and broccoli that was so nice and prep and cooking time was good, I will make a post with the recipe plus images next time I make it

so here is the part where i link the youtube video

Jelly Slice

Jelly slice

Jelly slice

Jelly slice, I only use the recipe as a guide as my tin is a bit bigger and I like my slice thicker

Serving size : Serves 10 or more
Cooking time : More than 1 hour, takes less time but have to wait between layers
Course : Dessert/Snack
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been cooking

So I have been doing a bit of cooking of late and was thinking i might start adding some recipes and pictures of the finished meal/snack.

I will make a jelly slice tomorrow, it is very easy to make so if you have a sweet tooth or kids you/they will love it but if you are diabetic or on a diet it’s not for you 😉