Game dev tycoon

So I have been playing Game Dev Tycoon a bit and loving the simple yet VERY addictive game. I only found out about this game after reading the noval approach that the developers took in combating game piracy and so payed the small asking price for the game.

I love the fact when it comes to naming games I think back to some of the OLD games I played far to much and on one play though I even tried keeping games names from each platform to there in game equivalent, it did not last long :(

If there is any thing I dislike about this game it is the game review part needs a way to speed it up as i find my self clicking in the window saying hurry up dam you, I do the same thing for the G3 window.

just readded this as getting 404 as lost it from back up long ago

BATTLETECH Kickstarter

The BATTLETECH Kickstarter has less than 48 hours left, if you are a fan of Battletech I suggest you go have a look, or if you just like big robot fighting each other still go have a look.

The game is being made by Harebrained schemes LLC which made the shadowrun games and this will be there 4th kickstarter project. The project is being led by Jordan Weisman, Mike McCain and Mitch Gitelman, so to say this game is safe hands is a under statement.

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