Playing world of tanks



So I have been hammering WoT a bit to complete the operation T34 mission, now I already have a T34 from when they first come out as it was a good farming tank but as I have it they pay out the Gold price of the tank and so I can then use that gold to buy a tank I want or use it for premium.

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games I might be playing

I might love planetside 2 but it’s been less than stable of late and with each patch adding it’s own set of new bugs adding to the growing list of bugs(features) that are in game that might get a fix or band aid on it are making me question why I still even play.

The list of bugs is not huge and for the most part not game braking but for someone that plays the game a fair bit they are very annoying to say the least.

So I have reinstalled WOT and War thunder as I found them to be good time killers and decided I might even play some of the ever growing list of games in my steam library that have gone unplayed or left unfinished

I also resubed and updated iracing but am so rusty, it feels as if I have no grip 🙁

Planetside 2 stuff

I wish I payed attention to when  the liberator patch was coming out as it came out the same day of my last post, from then to know there has been some very nasty bugs like invulnerability bug where it made the full map a safe zone like in the warp gate and yup people abused it but most of them got a forced rest from the game but they fixed it sort of by removing all safe zones.

There has also been hit detection and Aim weirdness, also server lag and crashes and some servers will not let you log on at all.
They have also changed the UI by adding a upgrade now button on every dam tab they can to get people to get get membership but with the current state of the game most people will not want to spend money on the game to they start fixing stuff.

I still think the game is worth a try if you have not played it, but if you do just remember it’s a bit wonky just now but hay it’s free and is fun 🙂 click here to get a free starter kit

Planetside 2 stuff

I reached level 100 as NC and now have moved to onto playing VANU but some times wish i picked TR due to the VS operpop when I play.

This time round I have a bit better idea of WTF I am doing but still play like a retard at the best of time, I have been playing a lot more heavy assault this time but still been playing light assault in Biolabs and engineer when flying.

I have been doing a bit of solo flying in the lib and have improved a lot, I think i only need 350 more kills with the Dalton to get auraxium with it and hoping to get the last kills i need before the lib patch that will drop the splash damage from 1000 to 700.

I am also getting auraxium with the vanu LMG and so far have got it with theOrion VS54 : vanu starter LMG that is very good short to medium range, use it!
Flare VE6   : hard hitting, good accuracy, low rate of fire, good for medium to long range.
SVA-88        : its ok was nerfed some time ago fills same roll as the free Orion
Pulsar LSW: meh just use the orion already and save certs
and working on the VX29 Polaris, think I need like 800 more kills

Bargain Downloadable Games

There is many Good sites out there that do cheap bundles of downloadable games and lower prices on games and they are steam games most of the time, I might start posting up some of them from time to time.

humble bundles, humble indie bundle 11 still has 6 days to go
and the weekly sale is adventure games only has one and a bit days to go.
humble bundles also has a store.

Bundlestars has ten bundles up with a good verity of games, and there Cheap 🙂

also Greenmengaming is worth a look if you are after a new game as they often have vouchers and discounts on newer stuff making it cheaper than steam.

server died AGAIN

So the VPS that host’s this site died again(looking at you ) and I can not find any of the newer backups I made 🙁 so this one will have to do, I guess I can give a quick recap of events lol.

I had to send back my Asus graphic card due to it artifacting and so far the RMA process has gone good, I am hoping they contact me some time this week with a update.

I have not done any fresh water fishing the season yet as it has been very wet and cold, I have been a bit lazy much to the dismay of my dad and fishing buddy so I guess I should make some plans soon.

still playing Planetside 2 even if I am starting to tire of the bugs that got added in the latest round of patch’s(most fixed) and its not helping with the server balance in my time zone, also the 4th faction is pushing the balance to silly levels. I think its time to put a time limit of say 15 minutes on faction swapping