Amazon AU

So Black Friday sales are almost upon us and no real hints that Amazon AU will be open before or even for the sales but many rumours are end of November. You can already get a idea of what items will be on offer in the initial opening by going to AmazonAU and searching for items that interest you.

I am hoping that they are indeed going to be open for black Friday sales or at the very latest in time for Christmas item to arrive before well Christmas as I am hoping to upgrade my PC so I can play games with better FPS than I currently do with my ageing I7 2600K

Some of the items I want are already listed but of cause are currently unavailable and no price so hoping this time next week parts are on on the way but if not there are plenty places I can order from just hoping for a better deals on Amazon

Happy New Year 2017 is here

well I hope every one had a good new year and let all hope 2017 will be better than 2016

It is that time of year again.. BBQ weather

starting to get some good weather, not to hot or cold so I spent a hour cleaning the BBQ and since it was clean I had to use it. I did do something I do not do often and had a alcoholic beverage(coopers pale ale) during the week but it went down well.

You can see I cooked some onion, beef sausage, and some sizzle steak and some chicken kebabs. I skipped the salad as both supermarkets lacked fresh stuff, I mean they had things to make a salad but yeah no pass.

The down side was I seen and well you can to is just how much I have neglected the yard, it is so untidy so I think need to work on that


summer time = BBQ time

What have I been doing of late

So I have been slack and stopped streaming again just when people started to watch so breaking any momentum that I might have been building up… lol. I also stopped playing world of tanks due to I was only playing for missions plus to platoon with the people I do and well the time vs reward for missions for me was not worth it, to play for random rewards no thanks my luck with RNG is very bad. I Still have loads of world of tank vids I could edit but now I stopped playing and streaming finding it hard to be motivated as I only do it for a bit of fun and practise at editing.

I have been procrastinating on lots of things of late like Continue reading

FCM 50t replay + food talk

So I have started to post a bit more here as it does not take that much time 🙂
FOOD, well anyone that has read past blog posts know I am a bit(lot) lazy so when it comes to cooking I like things quick and easy to make but the food still has to be nice.

I made Teriyaki meatballs with rice and broccoli that was so nice and prep and cooking time was good, I will make a post with the recipe plus images next time I make it

so here is the part where i link the youtube video

New isp blocks site

So my New isp dislikes my email server and has blocked this site and to fix they make me jump though hops but it is still blocked. I have to use a VPN to connect to it 🙁 and as such have not been doing anything with this site.

I should start posting more things here Soon as i have nothing better to do and need to work on my typing, spelling and grammar skills that we would all agree are very poor LOL

Start of a new year and I am still lazy

Well it is 16 days into the new year and i still have not done much, no fishing, no gaming,  no traveling and have not seen any movies.

I plan this year to get my youtube channel up to100 video’s so that is only 66 video’s.
i think i have 2-3 old Wot video’s that need editing, I also have a large game collection to pick from it’s just finding some thing i like to play.  I also maybe should not count the time lapse video’s lol as that is cheating.

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GearBest good or bad??? part 2

So just a follow up on the gearbest order that I made, It arrived on the 4th of November so it did not take long after it was sent, or I should say not long after the tracking number started working.

So the tracking number started to work on the 23rd of October and got here 4th so that is like eight working days or 12 days in total after it was sent.

The point I am trying to make is why does it take GearBest so long to send a item that is meant to be in stock as I orderded the phone on the 5th of october and 14 business days later they send it, well 11 days if you take into account the 3 days of national holidays from the 5th to the 8th of october. Continue reading