Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer HYPE!!!!! :)

Can not wait……..

Gearbest good or bad??? part 1

This maybe a bit long winded and full of poor writing πŸ˜‰

So I needed a new phone and no current phones interest me as I want one with a qwerty keyboard and well that style of phone are not that common or good so I just went with cheap!

When I look at cheap phones I still want it to be good and after a very quick search I decided that the “Lenovo K3 Note k50 – t5 Phablet” was it, quick search on a forums that I frequent reinforced that the Bang for the buck was good but needed to root the phone to get the best from it and I was still happy, most people were getting them from gearbest so like a sheep I followed. Continue reading

So the site was down again…

So this site is hosted on a VPS and the I was getting bad speeds as it turns out my provider said I was abusing the service and killed the VPS with out warning.

I know I was not abusing the service but may not of locked the VPS down as well as I should of so meh, I think it was of they wanted to free up the IP’s that i had as they could get more for them than I was paying for the VPS lol.

So might of also lost the last 3 backups i made also derrrrrr. oh well lol

server died AGAIN

So the VPS that host’s this site died again(looking at you ) and I can not find any of the newer backups I made πŸ™ so this one will have to do, I guess I can give a quick recap of events lol.

I had to send back my Asus graphic card due to it artifacting and so far the RMA process has gone good, I am hoping they contact me some time this week with a update.

I have not done any fresh water fishing the season yet as it has been very wet and cold, I have been a bit lazy much to the dismay of my dad and fishing buddy so I guess I should make some plans soon.

still playing Planetside 2 even if I am starting to tire of the bugs that got added in the latest round of patch’s(most fixed) and its not helping with the server balance in my time zone, also the 4th faction is pushing the balance to silly levels. I think its time to put a time limit of say 15 minutes on faction swapping

New fishing season

With the new fishing season only 19 days away I have plenty to do before I am ready, I have to do some work on the boat trailer and look at the outboard as its not pumping water out the tell tale like it should.

Boat trailer need a new winch putting on as the wire rope has some broken strands and is half a meter short, I need to weld some new roller supports on and then add the rollers to make launching and retrieving better from bush ramps. I also need to put new safety chains on.

The out board is a old mercury 20hp that runs very well but stopped pumping water so I changed the impeller that was old and brittle and also replaced the impeller housing as it was stuffed. I put it all back together only for a very small amount of water coming out the tell tale, my dad who was there when I put it back together thinks the pipe going into the impeller housing in not hitting the rubber stopper to seal it and that its just squirting most of the water up the inside of the leg and as the fishing season was closed and I had other things to do that day I left it so now I have to fix it lol.

I also need to go shopping for more fishing gear πŸ™‚

Site is back but lost some stuff

Well I got the site back up and running after the SolusVM exploits that affected my VPS provider (and many other providers) messed up my stuff.

ChicagoVPS has been outstanding in there communication though out the downtime and had things up and running quick and have taken steps to nail things down to stop it happening again. They just added the ability to reset up your container again(server) and have even added more OS to pick from but they are namely just new versions of each OS so saves you time not having to manually upgrading them.

I used wordpress Duplicator to back up the site but was lazy and had no newer backups,
oh well lol, I guess I could retype out some of the stuff maybe. I will now make more backups not that I use this site much.

Things to do are reinstall Team speak 3 server, not that it gets used much and set-up my emails again as some of them was used on job applications as second email address.

quick update

still playing PlanetSide 2, FPS bug has been fixed and the empire specific launcher are in but with the way the NC Phoenix works with lag makes it useless for me, why did i make my NC player on a US server lol.Β  I suggest trying the new launchers out in the NEW VR room.

First F1 race was won by Kimi raikkonen for Lotus and the second race held in Malaysia was won by Vettle after breaking team orders and passing Mark webber, If you want to know more there are plenty of good F1 news sites out there.

First F1 race of the year

Redbull qualified 1-2 zzzzzz Lewis Hamilton 3rd and that is not bad for Mercedes.
Daniel Ricciardo down in 14th I think and now its time to fire up the tv