New isp blocks site

So my New isp dislikes my email server and has blocked this site and to fix they make me jump though hops but it is still blocked. I have to use a VPN to connect to it πŸ™ and as such have not been doing anything with this site.

I should start posting more things here Soon as i have nothing better to do and need to work on my typing, spelling and grammar skills that we would all agree are very poor LOL

GearBest good or bad??? part 2

So just a follow up on the gearbest order that I made, It arrived on the 4th of November so it did not take long after it was sent, or I should say not long after the tracking number started working.

So the tracking number started to work on the 23rd of October and got here 4th so that is like eight working days or 12 days in total after it was sent.

The point I am trying to make is why does it take GearBest so long to send a item that is meant to be in stock as I orderded the phone on the 5th of october and 14 business days later they send it, well 11 days if you take into account the 3 days of national holidays from the 5th to the 8th of october. Continue reading

Gearbest good or bad??? part 1

This maybe a bit long winded and full of poor writing πŸ˜‰

So I needed a new phone and no current phones interest me as I want one with a qwerty keyboard and well that style of phone are not that common or good so I just went with cheap!

When I look at cheap phones I still want it to be good and after a very quick search I decided that the “Lenovo K3 Note k50 – t5 Phablet” was it, quick search on a forums that I frequent reinforced that the Bang for the buck was good but needed to root the phone to get the best from it and I was still happy, most people were getting them from gearbest so like a sheep I followed. Continue reading

So the site was down again…

So this site is hosted on a VPS and the I was getting bad speeds as it turns out my provider said I was abusing the service and killed the VPS with out warning.

I know I was not abusing the service but may not of locked the VPS down as well as I should of so meh, I think it was of they wanted to free up the IP’s that i had as they could get more for them than I was paying for the VPS lol.

So might of also lost the last 3 backups i made also derrrrrr. oh well lol

Graphic card RMA update

So I have been with out my graphic card for near a month and now waiting for the store where it was purchased from to process it, Asus was quick in there part of the RMA but the store who Asus had forwarded all our emails with all the info they needed has only just contacted me asking for all the info again.

I should now say I guess that the store in question does not have a good reputation when it comes to warranty claims and doing google searches just fills me with confidence, Only time will tell if theI’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This ” is correct

Asus RMA of Graphic card

So I mentioned that my Asus GTX 680 was artifacting and that I had sent it back on the 9/09/2013 I got a reply on the 19th saying it was in fact a defective card and that they would issue store credit from the place it was purchased. The graphic card value has drop by a fair margin since I had purchased it and the store no longer has stock of any GTX 680 and the highest 600 series they stock is a 660 ti which is a huge drop in performance.

So I asked the simple question will I even be able to get a graphic card of equivalent performance, I was not given a definitive answer and after a couple more days I asked for a update on the progress of the RMA to which I was was told it was being processed and to wait for 4 week.

I now get to wait up to four weeks and hope I get a GTX 680, so far the RMA process has gone very good which is a credit to the people at Asus but it is just a pain going from a GTX 680 to a spare ATI 6950 due to the performance disparity, oh well I guess the 6950 is not that bad at lest I can still play games πŸ™‚

server died AGAIN

So the VPS that host’s this site died again(looking at you ) and I can not find any of the newer backups I made πŸ™ so this one will have to do, I guess I can give a quick recap of events lol.

I had to send back my Asus graphic card due to it artifacting and so far the RMA process has gone good, I am hoping they contact me some time this week with a update.

I have not done any fresh water fishing the season yet as it has been very wet and cold, I have been a bit lazy much to the dismay of my dad and fishing buddy so I guess I should make some plans soon.

still playing Planetside 2 even if I am starting to tire of the bugs that got added in the latest round of patch’s(most fixed) and its not helping with the server balance in my time zone, also the 4th faction is pushing the balance to silly levels. I think its time to put a time limit of say 15 minutes on faction swapping