Gearbest good or bad??? part 1

This maybe a bit long winded and full of poor writing 😉

So I needed a new phone and no current phones interest me as I want one with a qwerty keyboard and well that style of phone are not that common or good so I just went with cheap!

When I look at cheap phones I still want it to be good and after a very quick search I decided that the “Lenovo K3 Note k50 – t5 Phablet” was it, quick search on a forums that I frequent reinforced that the Bang for the buck was good but needed to root the phone to get the best from it and I was still happy, most people were getting them from gearbest so like a sheep I followed.

Now I did do a little due diligence searching Gearbest but I admit not enough as after a few days of making the order was starting to have question.

So Gearbest website is very good, easy to navigate and to find what you are after, payment are made easy with paypal and so far that is the best part of my experience with them, I got a email next day saying express post was going to cost more than I paid so had the option to pay the extra($30) or drop back to standard shipping(free) and get store credit for the extra I had already paid for express post and I picked the free shipping as it never takes more than 20 days anyway.

So at this point I was thinking gearbest is a winner good website, easy payments and good communication BUT 15 days to post a item!!! is a joke and on top of that the tracking number does not work but google search and people say its because of the free shipping and if that is true why even give a tacking number as it will only make people question if Gearbest is legit or shady

At this point the jury is out but I am leaning to GB is shady and waiting to be one of the lucky one as google search finds lots of dissatisfied customers, time will tell