GearBest good or bad??? part 2

So just a follow up on the gearbest order that I made, It arrived on the 4th of November so it did not take long after it was sent, or I should say not long after the tracking number started working.

So the tracking number started to work on the 23rd of October and got here 4th so that is like eight working days or 12 days in total after it was sent.

The point I am trying to make is why does it take GearBest so long to send a item that is meant to be in stock as I orderded the phone on the 5th of october and 14 business days later they send it, well 11 days if you take into account the 3 days of national holidays from the 5th to the 8th of october.

I have to say that is very poor dispatch times from ordering it to they send it and for most people they will start to doubt gearbest and do some google searches to see if they are dodgy/scam and find plenty of results.

So my order arrived albeit rather slow, there communication was satisfactory and there web site is good and easy to navigate also being able to make payment with paypal was nice.

Would I buy from them again, well yes and no. The yes part is covered by the above paragraph the no part well there are plenty of other sites that have better reputation but less polished websites and payment options.

I Think if gearbest works on there package dispatch times and there reputation they might be on to a winner, but some of the horror/comical stories you find on google will make plenty of people steer clear and head for there more trusted sites and never try gearbest.

Just remember always do your due diligence and maybe make a small purchase to see if they are for you.