My Very Late and quick Mafia 3 review

Mafia III where to start, like a lot of people I pre ordered it before waiting for reviews oh and talking of reviews there was none before the games was released. I think this is a trend for games that fail to live up to there predecessor or hype and once you have impatiently parted with your cash it is to late.

Lets start with the bad, the 30 FPS thing at release I could forgive if it was not for the game looking like I am short sighted and for me that detracts from the game by a lot even more than just dated graphics or low detail textures and helps to make the game look washed out, I think the developers should fix it even if they just copied the sweetfx look would be a very good improvement. Sweetfx make the game looks better but people have reported crashing 🙁

Now to the good things, time period is nice and backed with some very good period music that adds to the atmosphere, the story line is also good. The car physics are also done well with a good selection of cars.

Conclusion? The game is very fun with nice music but graphics let the game down, Would I buy it again at full price? Well no I would wait to it is on sale but then again I am cheap 😉

and for the people that are to lazy to look up just how good Sweetfx makes the game look here is a good vid showing it off