PC specs

Current pc specs are:

P67 Extreme4 Gen3
intel i7 2600k @ 4.2
XFX GTR black RX 480 EVGA GTX 680 RIP
16Gb ram 8Gb ram
SSD: 250 Samsung evo + old 120Gb
mHDD: 2x2Tb
Asus 27″ monitor  2nd  24″ BenQ
tt esports black gaming mouse was cheap and is a good mouse but the software is so so
logitech G15KB

System is getting on a bit now but still gets the job done, If the new ZEN chips are any good maybe even switch back to team red on the the cpu front. My past cpu list is

intel Pentium 133
??? I do not think there was anything here
Intel celeron 433 @ 500ish I forget what it OC to
AMD Duron 1Ghz  NFI what I OC this to but it was OC
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ that I swaped to a 2600+ as friends MB did not like the 2600+
Intel C2D E6600 @ 3+ why plus well summer is HOT lol
intel i7 2600k @ 4.2
next AMD zen or Intell I7 kaby lake or just see how long I can get out the 2600k lol

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