Start of a new year and I am still lazy

Well it is 16 days into the new year and i still have not done much, no fishing, no gaming,  no traveling and have not seen any movies.

I plan this year to get my youtube channel up to100 video’s so that is only 66 video’s.
i think i have 2-3 old Wot video’s that need editing, I also have a large game collection to pick from it’s just finding some thing i like to play.¬† I also maybe should not count the time lapse video’s lol as that is cheating.

I had planed to do some fishing this season but my dad was in a car accident (not at fault) and has a broken foot and my main fishing buddy who is always unlucky has some health issues so hoping they both have speedy recovery’s and not just so we can go fishing as i hate seeing friends and family sick or injured.

On the gaming front I have lots of games to play just no real motivation as it summer and the weather been nice but maybe to hot to be inside playing games, I need to start playing would of tanks again as there are some new tanks to play and I last played it at the start of October. I think I might try and get some of the mods and update my XVM config as there has been some changes to both XVM and WOT.

On the work front I am working back at a sawmill, the down side is there is a bit of travel to get to and from work but the job itself is easy. I have never worked in a mill that process  primarily hardwood before so new things to learn when grading and of cause different company so every change over is a bit of a headache as they never give us a copy of the run sheet, It will get better once we have run all the different products as i will know them.

maybe i should of had a coffee and breakfast before trying to write this…. oh well