What have I been doing of late

So I have been slack and stopped streaming again just when people started to watch so breaking any momentum that I might have been building up… lol. I also stopped playing world of tanks due to I was only playing for missions plus to platoon with the people I do and well the time vs reward for missions for me was not worth it, to play for random rewards no thanks my luck with RNG is very bad. I Still have loads of world of tank vids I could edit but now I stopped playing and streaming finding it hard to be motivated as I only do it for a bit of fun and practise at editing.

I have been procrastinating on lots of things of late like building a 2nd quad(drone) but can not justify it when I still not very good with the one I have due to not flying it much, a friend is planing on getting a 3d printer and well it would be a lie to say I have never wanted a 3d printer or even a cnc router but they have also only ever been a want and not a need but knowing my friend he will make cool and interesting things making my want overpower my lack of need of a 3d printer. I guess on the plus side once my friend has one and got the hang of it he can help me out with my own to skip some of the noobish fails that I would make lol.

Jumping back to games, I have been playing factorio a bit to much, the game is dam fun but wish could I could remember what is needed to make most of the things as it make it quick and easy. I have gotten my moneys worth out of this game and it is still on early access and so far has only ever gotten better.

I also have been playing Mafia3.. meh, Battlefield 1 one on the other hand I have been liking very much and think I might play it as much as I did BF3. I should also go back to planetside 2 for a look as they have changed a lot of things and on the less changed? Things should also look at ww2ol again or Battleground Europe as it is known now.

I think that more than enough random gibberish for now and its time to clean the BBQ as summer is here 🙂